US 4th Army Band

Welcome to the website honoring the members of the U.S. 4th Army Band (FAB), which was staffed with some of America's finest musicians during the Korean and Vietnamese Conflicts.  Between the years 1950 and 1971, the U.S. 4th Army Band regularly performed live concerts as well as radio shows that inspired and entertained people throughout five states of the Southwest.  The radio shows in the 1950s (Concert in Khaki and the Fourth Army Show) were very effective in enhancing the Army's image during the unpopular Conflicts.

Today, the remaining members of the U.S. 4th Army Band celebrate their rich heritage by gathering annually to renew their enduring friendships and to faithfully re-create the patriotic and moving concerts that continue to thrill and inspire audiences of all ages.

As our original members mature and our numbers gradually diminish, we introduce our children, students and fellow musicians to the pleasure of performing the challenging and exciting music we have known throughout our lives.  Each year we invite the finest local area musicians to augment our ranks as Honorary 4th Army Band members.  As a result we not only continue to maintain our high musical standards, but more importantly, we constantly gain new friends and colleagues who carry forward our proud service for future generations.

Please join us for our next concert, which is described on this website along with information about our past Reunion concerts and a sampling of our music.  We welcome everyone in this year's host community to celebrate with us as we offer a two and one-half hour free public concert.

The joy of music still unites the members of the Fourth Army Band!